general purpose nerd for hire

Hey there, I'm Occam.
Premiere Wizard, After Effects Warlock,
Photoshop Necromancer, Blender Sorcerer
and Code Conjurer.

Still from a VideoEssay (CSS, Premiere, Photoshop)
I sell carpets (Blender, Premiere, AE)
Me-Gay-Man (Blender)
Lmao she in the TV (Premiere, Photoshop)
PayPal eats my money (Blender, Premiere)
Compaq Presario from my Childhood (Blender)
Ship for a DnD campaign (Blender)
Looking 4 party in FFCC
Jewel Case in fog (Blender)
Still from a Video-Essay (Blender, Premiere, Photoshop)

( Made with Carrd )